SAFE-TECH ST-110-CSA – Standalone Carbon Monoxide Alarm – 10 Year Tamper-Proof Battery

STANDALONE – Not Interlinked!

Grade F1

Tamper-Proof Battery


2 Years Warranty

Loud 85dB Siren

Scottish Compliant

Product Description ST-110-CSA

  • Carbon Monoxide detector with an advanced electrochemical sensor continuously monitors CO levels in your home and alerts you with a loud and clear alarm.
  • Tested at multiple checkpoints during production to ensure quality and third-party tested by TUV Rheinland to ensure the required quality and standards are met.
  • This CO detector can be wall mounted with the screws and plugs provided in the packaging or can be used portable by placing it on a table or where needed.
  • This CO detector comes with a 10-year tamper-proof battery that will last throughout the detector’s life.
  • There is a large test button for easy testing of the detector.
  • Compliant with new Scotland legislation and suitable for homes and properties in England and Wales.
  • ST-110-CSA conforms to BS EN 50291-1:2018 and bears UKCA and CE markings.

Safe-Tech ST-110-CSA is a carbon monoxide alarm with a 10-year tamper-proof battery. This carbon monoxide detector is equipped with advanced electrochemical sensors that continuously measure carbon monoxide levels in your home. This carbon monoxide detector can either be wall mounted with the screws and plugs provided or can be used portably by placing it on a table or any other location in your house. You can take it with you on holidays to protect against dangerous and poisonous gas. This carbon monoxide detector has a large test and hush button so that you can easily test the detector at your convenience. ST-110-CSA is a tamper-proof carbon monoxide detector; therefore, it complies with new Scotland legislation.

ST-110-CSA is also suitable for rented homes and properties in England and Wales. Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous and poisonous gas often referred to as a ‘Silent Killer’. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless and odourless gas that is also not visible to the naked eye. The only way CO gas can be detected is with an audible carbon monoxide detector such as ST-110-CSA. Common sources of carbon monoxide are Portable generators, gas boilers, cookers, wood or gas fireplaces, cigarette smoke or any other fossil fuel-burning appliance.

Power SupplyDC3V (1*3V CR17450 battery)
Alarm Concentration/
Response time
50ppm, Alarm after 60-90 minutes;
100ppm, 10-40 Alarm after minutes;
300ppm, within 50 seconds
Standby Current<10μA
Alarm Current<35mA
Alarm Sound Level85dB at 3 meters
Low Voltage AlarmEvery 30s with a beeping sound
Dimensions12.8 x 7.4 x 3.8 cm

1 x Smoke Detector
1 x Back Plate
1 x User Manual,
2 x Screws
2 x Anchor Plugs